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Our global partner is one of the largest artificial turf manufacturers in the world with a production capacity exceeding 4 million square meters (over 43 million square feet). We are focused on innovation and service through highly trained technical and production staff, product supply from USA and Europe, and our own research and development center. We can provide the best turf in the industry, by combining the finest materials from companies such as Dow Chemical with the latest equipment from the USA, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.

Delivering Innovation, Quality and Value

We deliver Innovation, Quality and Value by taking a total system approach with investments in ongoing product research, performance and environmental testing, manufacturing and the latest installation and maintenance techniques.

Our client's are assured they are making the right choice as we deliver excellence in five key areas:

1. Leading Research & Development

  • Dedicated research facilities
  • Biomechanical standards
  • Natural grass benchmarks
  • In-house technical and industry experts

2. Comprehensive Testing

  • Total Sport performance
  • Over 60 independent laboratory tests
  • Player to surface interaction
  • Ball to surface interaction
  • UV and artificial weathering
  • Torture tests simulating 10 years use

3. World Class Manufacturing

  • 4 company production locations
  • One of the largest producers in the world
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification
  • ISO 14001 Environmental certification
  • Top quality materials from Dow Chemical
  • State of the art operations with fiber extrusion, tufting, and coating
  • Quality assurance reporting

4. Expert Installation and Maintenance

  • Important for long term quality and satisfaction
  • Performed by partners in over 25 countries
  • Methods based upon proven facts and experience

5. Player and Client Feedback

  • Player and client experience tracking
  • Value input from leading sport federations
  • Helps to feed research and development efforts to ensure long term value to market

Internationally recognized as a Quality leader

Our artificial grass products are designed to meet the specifications of numerous international sport federations. Our synthetic turf has been tested by independent testing institutes in order to ensure the highest quality construction. We have also engaged in-house and independent technical consulting to review our product specifications and perform quality inspections to ensure the highest level of quality.

We are pleased to have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications as a result of our quality measures.

Quality is further reassured with adherence to a Total Quality Management methodology in its artificial grass and synthetic turf products. This includes each of the following phases:

  • Management commitment to quality
  • Employee training and procedures
  • Research and development
  • Product design and testing
  • Manufacturing processes which focuses on prevention
  • Use of quality raw materials
  • Processes to detect, record and resolve any product quality matters
  • Sample retention
  • Final pre-shipment inspection
  • Installation workmanship
  • Post-installation maintenance

The result. Economic Value, Product Consistency and the Right Choice for Players

Our innovation approach, environmental and quality testing and Total Quality Management culture not only improves our customer service and product consistency, it also greatly helps to maintain low costs. Most importantly, it provides performance and safety benefits to the players.

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