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Conservation is a key focus for today's urban landscape. Municipalities, homeowners, and businesses all want to do their part to conserve water and costs. PolyTurf's permeable, LEED rated products are made from recycled content and decrease water usage, manpower, maintenance, stormwater runoff, and the use of chemical fertilizers.

PolyTurf is lead-free, non-toxic, and safe for everyone, even your loveable pets. PolyTurf provides the look and feel of natural grass, minus the wear, tear, and allergens. Plus, PolyTurf does not house fleas or ticks which is healthy for everyone. Cleaning is quick and effective with our Refresh all natural enzymatic turf cleaner and odor neutralizer.

Perfect for residential and commercial landscaping, parks, playgrounds, dog runs and dog parks, and rooftops - the possibilites for PolyTurf are endless.

Whether you install PolyTurf or we do it for you, the process is easy and guaranteed to offer many years of trouble free, useful, and attractive service. With a 10-year warranty, you are sure to enjoy your lawn for years to come.

"Making America Greener One Lawn at a Time"

The PolyTurf System

The PolyTurf Synthetic Grass System

  1. THE BASE - PolyTurf base is constructed over a three inch compacted crushed miscellaneous (CMB) base that provides stable support, drains quickly, and will not crack from freezing or expanding soils. The surface can even be designed with contours and undulations for uphill, downhill, and breaking putts.
  2. THE GRASS - PolyTurf synthetic grass is a specialized product and is the only synthetic grass manufactured from fibers specifically designed to simulate the softness, texture, density, and color of natural grass. PolyTurf synthetic grass is manufactured to precise specifications in order to achieve optimum pile height and density to create a surface that is truly realistic and performs just like a natural grass. PolyTurf offers multi color grasses to suite various landscapes.
  3. THE NO IN-FILL SYSTEM - PolyTurf integrates a unique thatch zone into the system fibers of the grass to create a natural feel and softness in the surface with out any actual loose infill material. This advanced technology avoids additional labor expenses and addresses urban run off of materials into storm drains.

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