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Polyturf® is a leading synthetic turf product development company and a division of World Recycling Surfacing Group (WRSG). PolyTurf, Inc. is headquartered in Irvine, California, USA. We are committed to our client's complete satisfaction and believe that integrity and dependability are just as important as affordability and the quality of our products. Our goal is to provide you the best value in synthetic turf from start to finish.

PolyTurf Synthetic Grass

After years of research and development, PolyTurf, Inc. was incorporated to provide synthetic turf products as a manufacture and wholesaler. We use exclusively the highest quality components which do not contain any toxic chemical binders or lead content. We are an environmentally conscious product development company. We offer nano-tech anti-microbial yarn fiber with non-toxic, safe, low maintenance, and cost effective 100% recyclable grass.

PolyTurf, Inc. strongly believes in the testing of new products in outdoor environments prior to their introduction to market. Our CEO and Founder has been personally involved in all aspects of the development of synthetic turf fibers for landscaping since the early 1990's and pioneered it's introduction to the United States in 1999 through its parent company United Sports Surfacing of America (USSA, Inc.).

PolyTurf offers state of the art technologies, develops products market specific for various regions throughout the USA, and specializes in providing artificial turf products for landscaping, professional putting greens, playground areas, athletic facilities, pets, and sports fields.

What sets us apart from other synthetic turf companies is the superior quality and diversity of our products, our experience, our exceptional staff, and our excellent customer service. We offer extensive knowledge in product development, contracting, landscape design, and architecture. PolyTurf provides master distribution as a vertically integrated manufacturer of synthetic grass. We design, produce, and distribute synthetic grass products to artificial turf factory direct area developers, distributors, dealers, sales representatives, and do-it-yourself markets. We also design and develop products for private label market entities.

With nearly two decades of experience in working with synthetic turf system technologies worldwide, PolyTurf is very pleased to be leading in the introduction of this innovative landscaping turf in the USA. It is truly the “Always Perfect Lawn.”

Since 1995, the founder of PolyTurf has been working to develop artificial turf technologies for the landscape, playground, and sport field markets. PolyTurf has partnered with top quality raw material suppliers and a state of the art synthetic turf factory to produce synthetic grass that has been specifically engineered to exceed all expectations. Our products are sustainable and an environmentally viable alternative to natural grass. They are esthetically pleasing, cost effective, soft to the touch, made from recycled content, fully recyclable, lead free, LEED rated, and very importantly they conserve water..

PolyTurf products are truly the best value for your money. We deliver innovation, quality, and value by taking a total system approach. We provide the best turf in the industry by combining dedication with decades of experience.

Our products are proudly made in the USA with production facilities located in Georgia.

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Please browse our website to learn more about PolyTurf products. We believe it is the highest quality line and best price of artificial turf products currently available in the world. For additional information please visit our corporate website at


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